About Don Porter Associates Inc.

Don Porter Associates, Inc. is an organization of professional management educators and consultants who serve clients throughout the world. Founded in 1973, Don Porter Associates have conducted management courses on almost every continent. They have designed and developed workshops which have been translated into other languages and conducted by people trained by Don Porter Associates.

Don Porter's modular approach to management education and development permits effective tailoring and/or design of management workshops to meet the specific needs of clients precisely and economically.

An "experiential" approach to learning is utilized in the workshops. This technique capitalizes on the experience and understanding of everyone participating in the workshops by using their own experience as valuable inputs.

Throughout Don Porter's management workshops, the participants learn about themselves and new ways to develop their potential and the potential of others. Through participative learning and constructive feedback, the participants come away with a sharper picture of their leadership and management styles, their team roles, and how they make decisions and work in teams. In the process they improve their skills in leadership, teamwork, and business management.

Don Porter Associates has developed two "state of the art" business management simulations BME and BMS in which the participants learn by doing. They are dynamic training and development exercises designed to improve teamwork and business management skills. The simulations may be conducted as separate training and development programs or as part of other training and development programs.

Don Porter Associates are agents for Belbin’s Team Role Expert System – Interplace... a computer based system that offers advice on the suitability of people for positions in an organization and for working together as a team.

Don Porter Associates are successful in conducting effective management workshops throughout the world whether the participants come from one country and culture or a number of different countries and cultures. All of the associates have had considerable experience in implementing and teaching management concepts,techniques, and practices in many different countries.

Don Porter Associates are management "pros" who know how to communicate their message.

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