Business Management Simulations

Don Porter Associates have designed and developed computer based business management simulations since the early nineteen eighties when the first personal computers were introduced. These simulations have been conducted all over the world and have always been very well received. They have been conducted as in-house management training and development programs, in management development programs, in management institutes programs, and in business schools both MBA and undergraduate programs in Strategic Management and Strategic Planning and Policies courses.

Currently Don Porter Associates have two off the shelf simulations BME...a team entrepreneurial business management experience and BMS...the business management simulation.

For a full description of BME, please click on BME in the menu on the left. We recommend that you start with BME and then after you are familiar with BME if you decide you would like to purchase BMS within one year, the full purchase price of BME will be applied to the price of BMS.

BMS will do everything that BME will do plus it has two additional sub-programs: 1) a scenario editorwhich permits the administrator to design and create their own scenarios (several thousand variables can be changed) and 2) a strategy evaluation programwhich permits the teams to evaluate alternative strategies and to go more in depth in strategic planning when playing the simulation.

BME and BMS can both be licensed/purchased for an unlimited number of plays of the simulation. And for those companies or organizations that do not have the time or wish to take the time to learn how to conduct BME or BMS, Don Porter Associates can conduct it for them over the Internet or in a conference setting.

For an in-depth description of BME, what it is, what are the benefits, what is unique about it, what are some of the design features, what is a typical schedule, who was it designed for, what decisions do the teams make, what reports to the teams and administrator receive, what are the time requirements, what are the computer requirements, and order information please click on BME in the menu on the left.

In addition to BME and BMS Don Porter Associates also designs and develops custom tailored business management simulations for clients whose needs are not met by BME or BMS. For more information concerning this please contact Don Porter by phone at 937 296 1555 or by e-mail.

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